Networks and Wireless

Rock Solid Foundations

The local area network is increasingly becoming the foundation upon which many previously-separate systems are built. Daraco IT Services has extensive experience in the design and implementation of rock-solid networks which not only provide excellent performance and scalability, but will also allow your business to adopt new technologies as they become available, by building platforms that are designed from the outset to grow with you. Some of the services supported on our networks include:

  • Data
  • Voice
  • Video Conferencing
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Building Automation
  • Digital Signage

From desk to data centre

Daraco's expertise in the network includes wireless, both inside and out. We can provide reliable and secure wireless solutions, enabling your mobiles devices including laptops, tablets and phones to have high-performance access to network resources.

We can arrange network cabling on your behalf. Our preferred cabling contractors hold all relevant licenses and certifications for data cabling, whether it be copper or fibre. All jobs are professionally completed, from green-fields whole building fit-outs to single cable runs.

For Wi-Fi in hotels to high bandwidth point-to-point outdoor network links and everything in between, Daraco has a complete network solution for your requirements.