Are you concerned about your organisation’s security?

Recent surveys of 3,958 IT Leaders globally confirmed that over 33% had been subjected to major cyber attacks in the last 2 years. This was an increase of 9% in 12 months globally.

Here are the top ways organisations are compromised:

  1. Poor password practices (bad password choice, password re-use).
  2. Weak access policies.
  3. Unsafe downloads.
  4. Phishing and social engineering (unwittingly communicating with an impersonator or entering your work credentials in places other than work systems).
  5. Unprotected data and email.

What simple things can you do to protect your organisation?

  1. Implement and set appropriate password policies – relax password change for staff or remove it completely. Make it a company policy not to use your work email and password for any other login outside your organisation.
  2. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication. Something you know and something you have – This makes it much more challenging for an attacker to use stolen credentials
  3. Block risky download types and use firewall sandboxing technology which tests the download first.
  4. Deploy an endpoint protection product that can protect your staff’s devices both inside the corporate network, and when they’re working elsewhere.
  5. Build up your defence by educating staff on the dangers and how to respond – test for effectiveness to determine where more targeted focus is required.
  6. Ensure the backups are sound, separated and tested.

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