IT Policy & Governance Services


IT Policy and Governance frameworks designed to assist every organisation. These policies are designed to assist Daraco’s customers to implement solid and up to date policies that represent the current regulations and best practices. Policies guide decision making and assist organisations in ensuring that each aspect of their IT operations and staff usage are guided and held accountable to the in place policy.

IT Policy & Governance Subscription

Designed to guide and assist organisations throughout today’s must-have IT policies, Daraco has developed IT policies that all organisations can integrate into their organisation. Holding a subscription to our IT policy services provides ongoing access to up to date policy and framework to meet the ever-changing landscape of IT systems and usage. Leverage our know how to assist your organisation to be in touch with the realities of today and to provide the relevant policies and frameworks to make sensible and accountable decisions around IT.

Virtual CIO

Today, the strategic use of technology is vital to business success and the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) is more important than ever. Every business needs an experienced and knowledgeable CIO who is able to align the company’s technology with its business direction. The Virtual Chief Information Officer or Virtual CIO, collaborates with and advises you and your existing IT departments. They perform the same duties as a conventional CIO, including formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analysing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes. We can work with you to plan a technology roadmap and identify opportunities to use new technologies and tools. We can work with your existing internal IT department and within any decision-making authority and technology deployment responsibilities you require. The main difference between the Virtual CIO function and other technical advisory services is that the Virtual CIO takes a broader view of your business, focusing on the business and IT alignment.


How the cloud
transformed Bardon Produce

Daraco helped us consolidate our previous infrastructure across multiple cloud vendors - saving us money and improving the reliability of our line of business applications. Their team performed this complex transition with minimal interruption to our operations.

Andrew Drummond
Barden Produce

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