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Perhaps you have elements of your business operations already in the cloud, or you’re wanting to explore possibilities for moving applications away from existing on-premise infrastructure. Daraco has experience with a range of cloud providers and its own private cloud infrastructure at the ready to support your business as it grows.

Azure Managed Services

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centres. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice. It also connects cloud and on-premises with consistent hybrid cloud capabilities and uses open source technologies—to drive maximum portability and value from your existing investments. When you choose Microsoft Azure, you’re also choosing a public cloud service that has a great amount of flexibility – with additional products that can be added on. Daraco can direct connect your organisation into the Azure cloud – all within the data centre and using best practices security services.

Managed Office 365, SharePoint and Teams

Taking full advantage of the ever-changing Microsoft dynamic workspaces and cloud application services can be daunting for most organisations, even competent IT admins find themselves lost in the maze. Daraco IT is all about enabling the use of systems such as Office 365, SharePoint and Teams to ensure that the systems not only work, are configured correctly but are also a good experience for staff to use. Daraco IT brings our professional experience together with our user training to ensure the Microsoft platform of products are delivering genuine results and increased productivity for your organisation.

Managed Hybrid IT

Managed Hybrid IT allows organisations to mix and match where their data and applications are best housed. Moving to the cloud can be complex and in a lot of situations, not all applications or workflows are accommodated in the cloud. The good news is that we can design and implement solutions that create both local server delivery and cloud in a hybrid to allow your organisation to have the best of both worlds. Daraco has data centre housing, Private IaaS Cloud or access to Azure & AWS cloud services available for inclusion in your next move.

AWS Managed Services

Your time is better spent on improving your website or application, not running your infrastructure! Daraco can handle everything an in-house system administration or operations team would – and if you’re building DevOps capabilities, we can help with infrastructure and deployment automation too. Daraco’s AWS team are trained in Sydney and provide 24x7x365 coverage from Sydney & Brisbane, Australia. Unlike other providers, we’re determined to keep your costs to a minimum. Talk to us today to find out how we have successfully moved clients to the cloud and realised genuine cost savings and removed the recurring capital investment cycle.

Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Fast, nimble and very clever, our Infrastructure as a Service Private Cloud solutions allow for service focussed organisations to determine where their data is and the basis on which it is delivered. Flowing naturally into Backups and Disaster Recovery options, Daraco’s own private cloud solution is state of the art and deployed across multiple Data Centres in Australia. Using the latest technology and virtual solutions, there are many intelligent systems working for your organisation and backed by our enterprise monitoring and support team 24 x 7. Talk to us today about how we have assisted many organisations to save ongoing costs whilst delivering noticeable performance outcomes.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Saving on storage and backup, Hyperconverged Infrastructure is a new way to reduce your costs and better align enterprise IT with business needs. At its most basic, hyperconverged infrastructure is the conglomeration of the servers and storage devices that comprise the data centre. With hyperconvergence technology, you can consolidate all of your hybrid IT into a singular, software-defined storage and computing solution. As your storage is software-defined, it’s highly reliable and incredibly scalable, and if one node within the unit fails, the rest remain unaffected. Daraco IT’s Managed Hybrid IT solution incorporates a sophisticated enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform that unites best-in-class data services.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

As many businesses learn the hard way, every day, it’s quite common to be just one technology fault away from disaster. Research repeatedly indicates that too many businesses are using costly and outdated backup solutions, think their backups are reliable and are inadequately prepared for disaster. To maintain continuity and be ready for any situation, thorough IT planning is critical. This involves having both a reliable data backup process in place, as well as a tested Disaster Recovery solution. By entrusting Daraco IT to take care of your backup and Disaster Recovery on your behalf, you get the confidence of knowing that your valuable data is secure, protected and easily restored whenever you need it using the best tools and systems available in the market.


How the cloud
transformed Barden Produce

Daraco helped us consolidate our previous infrastructure across multiple cloud vendors - saving us money and improving the reliability of our line of business applications. Their team performed this complex transition with minimal interruption to our operations.

Andrew Drummond
Barden Produce

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