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Combining Technology, Training and IT Policy to safeguard your organisation against security threats.

IT Audit Services

Using out IT know-how and our audit framework, our team can review the various layers of your IT operation to understand if the environment is healthy, could be assisted by some tweaking or has risks present that the organisation needs some perspective on. Often via audit and compliance, areas of risk are identified that are reported to the board. We believe it is healthy to be on the front foot and a well-balanced audit can assist any organisation to have a levelled view of their IT operations.

Network Security

Using complex techniques to sneak into corporate networks, client-side attacks are on the rise – you need to be very smart to outrun them. And traditional antivirus products aren’t enough to stop them. As the challenges become more complex, how do you successfully secure the perimeter of your enterprise with fewer resources and less complexity? The answer lies with a next-gen firewall solution that includes integrated features like firewall services, intrusion prevention, web content filtering, application control, antivirus and threat protection, and site-to-site VPN. Coupled with technology such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA), diminishes your organisation from becoming the next headline in the paper and the need to carry out a notifiable data breach. All your network and cloud traffic should pass through a future-proof next-gen firewall solution. This makes it easy to configure consistent policies across your entire environment, not just certain elements of it.

Email Security

The cost of mopping up after a breach in email security is huge. You can avoid the costs – both real and reputational including notifiable data breaches – by implementing a proven email security solution that defends your business against spam, phishing and virus-laden emails. Daraco IT’s email security solutions are chosen dependant on the use case of your organisation. We guide you on selecting the most appropriate email security solution to filter ransomware attacks, impersonation and CxO fraud, zero-day attacks and over 99% of spam. The systems quarantine or discard threats to ensure complete security and productivity when coupled with MFA.

Security Consulting

Threats are increasing constantly, and IT teams are managing increasingly complex environments. Creating and maintaining comprehensive security and risk management policies that are appropriate for your business can be both difficult and extremely time-consuming. Daraco utilise specialist developed IT Security frameworks which incorporate Cybersecurity Frameworks such as NIST to measure and design appropriate security positions and solutions. Daraco has also developed logical IT policies to implement efficient policies for your organisation.


How the cloud
transformed Bardon Produce

Daraco helped us consolidate our previous infrastructure across multiple cloud vendors - saving us money and improving the reliability of our line of business applications. Their team performed this complex transition with minimal interruption to our operations.

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