Majestic Hotels

Majestic Hotels

Case Study
The Problem

Unstable systems and connectivity issues had led to high staff frustration and customer discontentment. Their operations manager was overwhelmed by problems and anxious employees. Majestic Hotels had sought the assistance of seven different IT providers, but were unsatisfied with the outcome and there was a distinct lack of trust in the systems and the IT providers.

After a long period of difficulty, Majestic Hotels turned to us for a fresh approach to IT support.

The Solution

The first step was for us to actually go out and visit all of the sites and speak to the staff there. We continued this personalised approach to developing the right IT support framework for Majestic Hotels by conducting an audit of the existing systems.

We found a whole lot of simple things that just hadn’t been configured quickly. Fixing these made a marked difference to the client.

The next step was to implement structures that would enable the business to grow and flourish by utilising state of the art technology that manages the demands of everything that goes on in a busy hotel.

After such a long period of IT instability, the staff at Majestic Hotels are rejoicing that they can now trust their systems, run their business smoothly, and get reliable assistance whenever they need.

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