Helpdesk and Support

Friendly and Efficient

At Daraco, our helpdesk works hard to provide friendly and efficient support and we've proudly established ourselves as the experts that the experts call on for assistance. Our helpdesk team is enabled and ready to resolve any issue, big or small. If you're a small business who needs IT Support, or a large organisation who needs a team to complement your own internal IT Staff, Daraco can help.

Around the Clock Support

When you're running businesses that operate 24/7, you need your critical infrastructure to be operating too. Daraco has staff available at all hours to ensure that, if something does go wrong, the impact to your business is minimised as much as possible. Our helpdesk staff work closely with the senior engineering team to keep your IT systems running smoothly and resolve issues quickly.

Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring

If you've got lots of infrastructure, it's often hard to monitor for and correct problems across many systems. Daraco uses advanced, automated software to detect for, and resolve, issues as they happen.