Software Development

Custom Software

Daraco has built applications to extend the functionality of existing systems, or to provide new systems to help business processes. In particular, some of the web applications we've built for our Quick Service Restaurant customers are used daily for communication between stores and management, and the monitoring and smooth operation of core business functions.

If you've got lots of data that you'd like to consolidate for your staff, we can help.

We're able to collect data from a variety of sources including Point of Sale, Rostering and Time Sheet systems, weather information from the Bureau of Meteorology. We then present the consolidated information in formats that are easy to view, and that add value to data that may not be useful on its own. We also have experience in building custom data collection systems for staff and store performance that have replaced manual pen and paper procedures which increase productivity and data accuracy.

Got an existing web application?

Daraco has the expertise to review your existing applications and audit them for security and performance. We have experience in assisting with the recovery of compromised websites, and ensuring that vulnerabilities are found and closed accordingly. We're also able to take on an existing project and carry it to completion.